Our modern practice offers your horse more.

Founded in 2016 in Hamburg-Ochsenwerder, the practice established itself quickly to a firm size in the region.
Due to the constant growth of inquiries, one of the most modern and best equipped equine practices in northern Germany was completed in 2021. The equine practice in Geesthacht.

Our main focus is the mobile practice. We also have the stationary practice in Geesthacht with:

  • an examination and x-ray room
  • an operation room with anesthesia box
  • ten video monitored outside boxes
  • one video monitored quarantine box
  • a trot testing track
  • a lunging hall
  • an outdoor arena

There, together with our team of helpers, we can effectively offer a variety of diagnosis and therapy options, all the way to intensive medical care.

Our office and practice rooms have been made into the optimal headquarter for our equine practice through the optimisation of our work processes.

  • modern connected IT programs that are accessible everywhere
  • veterinary in-house pharmacy
  • in-house veterinary laboratory
We always have an eye on our patients.
Our ten outside boxes and additional quarantine box are all video monitored. A software with artificial intelligence and alarm function analyses behavioral patterns and can detect colics for example.
When it matters.