Trust is the foundation...

The assignment of a veterinarian requires trust in advance from the horse owner.
This trust should not be disappointed.
Beside the best possible medical care, education and transparency are thus of the utmost importance.
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Veterinarian treatment

Veterinarian services will be invoiced according to the currently valid Fees Regulation for Veterinarians (Gebührenordnung für Tierärzte).  Undercutting these fees is not permitted by law.





Attention: fees for emergency services („Notdienstgebühr“) are legally binding as of February 14th 2020!

The Fees Regulation for Veterinarians (Gebührenordnung für Tierärzte - GOT) has been amended to include the fees for emergency services through the "Fourth Regulation for the Amendment of the Fees Regulation for Veterinarians" („Vierte Verordnung zur Änderung der Tierärztegebührenordnung“). The regulations are valid as of 14.02.2020. 

The new paragraph 3a "fees for veterinarian emergency services" („Gebühren für tierärztlichen Notdienst“) dictates how emergency services are to be invoiced. A fixed fee ( emergency service fee or „Notdienstgebühr“) of EUR 50.00 has to be paid for every visit during emergency services hours.
Furthermore, any veterinarian services performed during the emergency services hours have to be invoiced at at least twice the usual rate stated in the Fees Regulation for Veterinarians (GOT).
During emergency services our patients are taken care of medically outside of our regular office hours, at night, on weekends and on holidays.
The emergency service fees enables veterinarians to also be available for emergencies in the future, as staff of veterinarian practices have a legal right to salary supplements or leisure time compensation for night work, as well as for working on Sundays and holidays.
The higher costs of emergency services were so far not covered in the Fees Regulation for Veterinarians (Gebührenordnung für Tierärzte - GOT) and could thus not be earned, which resulted in it not being financially viable for veterinarian practices in Germany. Thus the legislators have amended the regulations to include these costs. 


The Federal Veterinary Association (Bundestierärztekammer - BTK) has created a leaflet for the animal owners, which explains this change in regulations.