Important information about the practice.

Your overview of our practice, our services and the team.

Dr. Jan Volquardsen and his team aim to give competent and practical recommendations. In order to maintain the high standard of their training, the veterinarians regularly partake in extensive seminars.

The main focus of our work is the care of your horses at their home stable. We drive to you and offer a 24-hour on-call-service with our veterinarians on 365 days a year for emergencies of our patients.

For extensive treatments our patients can be brought into our practice with modern examination and treatment facilities. This completes our veterinarian all-round service for your horse!

Our Office Hours

Office hours:
Mo. – Fr. 8.00 - 18.00

Appointments taken by telephone

Regular treatment times:
Mo. – Fr. 9.30 – 18.00


We are always on-call for emergencies!

We are there for you. Every day.